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DIY AUX cable for waja cps.

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1 DIY AUX cable for waja cps. on Fri Jul 16, 2010 6:21 am



Here the step to install AUX cable to use on Ipod, mp3 player, PSP and etc.

First step.
Remove the screw below the rubber case.
Because remove it as there is 2 pin on one side.. Don't break the pin. (COE broke 3 of my pins :furious: ) Make you you have remove the gearknob by turning it counter-clockwise.

second step.
After remove that panel, remove 4 screw at the head unit. After than, pull out the headunit slowly.

third step.
Search for the RCA input. It have 2 input(Both is RED wire) while 4 outputs. (the input wire is short while 4 output wire is long)

fourth step.
Get a good RCA to 3.5MM jack cable, and put it into the input.

Fifth step.
After plug in, use wire tape and tape the connector to prevent loose in the future.

Sixth step.
After plug in the cable, put the cable behind the headunit until you can feel it on the rubber case. Then pull it out. So the cable can come out neat.

At last, you done the AUX cable and reinstall everything back.

2 Re: DIY AUX cable for waja cps. on Sun Jul 18, 2010 11:14 pm


or you can do it thru your glovebox...

1. tilt your glove box either way to open it all the way down
2. remove the plastic cover (mine is black) 3 - 4 screws
3. find your way to the back of the HU and search RCA input
4. plug in your RCA extension
5. reverse the step


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