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[WTS] Ceramic NAO Brake Pad , new tech disc pad (Cars)

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Waja Frt = Now RM65 normal sellingRM85
Waja RR = Now RM60 normal selling RM80

Brake Pads: Types

Brake pads with different specifications are required for different types of usage. Brake pads are broadly classified into four types:

1. Semi metallic: These brake pads are partially made of metal, where metallic concentration may be anywhere between 30% and 65%. Such a material typically includes metal wool (mostly steel wool), powdered iron or copper mixed with graphite or inorganic fillers, and a friction-enhancing material, that helps in tightly bonding all components. Brake pads of these materials are more durable, but they tend to wear down the rotor faster and are also noisy.
2. Non-Asbestos Organic (NAO): Also called organic pads, these are made of fibers of glass, carbon or rubber. As they are made of fibrous material, they are soft and silent while braking. But they don't last longer, as there is faster wear and tear in such a material.
3. Low-metallic NAO: This material for brake pads is derived from a simple organic type (NAO) of material, by mixing small quantities (no more than 30%) of copper or steel fibers. By doing this, there is improvement in heat transfer. But by introduction of metal, such brake pads tend to make more noise.
4. Ceramic: As the name suggests, ceramic fibers are the main components of the ceramic type of brake pads. Other vital components include bonding and filler material and small traces of metal, mostly iron. Ceramic brake pads cost more than any other type and are quieter and offer the best braking characteristics. The wearing down of the pads and the rotor is much less in this case.

Item(s):All type of cars

Package includes:Set of ceramic disc pad

Price:PM cars model for price

Warranty:6month. One to One gurantee

Dealing method:COD, Postage

Location of seller:KL Kepong

Contact method/details:PM, SMS-0103654868

Age of item:NEW


Item(s) conditions:GREAT!! You wont have a dirty rims again^^ And longer life of your disc rotor

Picture:uploaded bf, compact uploading soon. but it hv webpage. u may search it on search engine by typing compact brake

Reason for sale:Great Product.

50-60% of japanese cars original pad are ceramic now and 85% of europe car are in ceramic because its more better to the environment and more cleaner
this type of material is better as it wont harm ur disc rotor like other metal disc. full metal disc is for very heavy duty but it harms the disc thats mean u need to change the disc after u finish the pad as the disc is 'eaten' by the pads.
Pad that can stopped with best performance as i know is performance disc( for track use. but harms disc rotor a lot. normally u need a performance disc rotor to use with it.)
the second is full metal(eg. metal kxxg, but also harms disc rotor and come with a lot dust and very costy as u need to change ur rotor next time u change disc pad)
ceramic is better than normal semi metallic but wont harm disc rotor and dustless
Very Happy


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